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Solar Foil 

Solar Foil is the aluminium foil heat radiant barrier which can prevent up to 95-97% of the radiant heat buildup from sun. Also it has low emissivity value at 0.03-0.05% this can decelerate heat under the roof to your house. (Radiant Barrier)

The radiant heat is the major source of heat entering in our house. The intrinsic property of the Aluminium foil has a reflective property as a heat barrier preventing your house from radiant heat. The outstanding property of aluminium foil is surface remittance which less than 0.1 which is less than construction material such as wood, brick and fiber glass.



1. Over Rafter and under shingles roof/tile

We recommend you to install solar foil with a new roofing construction. Lay Solar foil over Rafters from the edge to the top of the roof structure. 5-10 centimeter is the best Overlapping space when you lay the new layer on. Using aluminium tape for taping the overlapping line.

2. Under Rafter

In case of finished roofing. Lay solar foil sheet from inside of the roof in a horizontal line. Holding solar foil with rafter by pins or screws.

3. Over ceiling

In case of old house, Cut Solar foil in a same size as your ceiling size. Lay solar foils sheet over the ceiling and pin it with pin or double sided adhesive tape.


We are the one stop center for you radiant barrier insulation.  

  • “ Aluminium tape “ is for taping the overlapping line.
  • Solar Fix Dry Tech System” Solar fix is preventing the rain leaking over roof valley 
  • Solar Stick Dry Tech System” Solar stick is preventing rain leaking over valley gutter.


The difference of Solar foil and fiberglass insulation.  

Solar foil  is a sheet of pure aluminium which construct with microfiber. Products can reflect heat radiant to the atmosphere. The difference appearance and installation between these products, Solar foil will not hold the heat in itself. The air gap between solar foil and ceiling will release the 3-5% of heat that get through the roof out of the roofing structure.


Why Solar foil is good for you? 

  Microfiber radiant barrier is good for cold climate because it can hold the 3-5% of heat in side and keep the European hose warm during the winter season. Solar foil is shape as a thin sheet which not holding the heat in side. This is why Solar foil is the best solution for hot climate like in Thailand. Solar foil can reduce you budget because it cheaper than the other type of radiant barrier insulation per square meter. Not only that Solar foil is more durable and lasting.

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